itlwm 英特尔无线网卡驱动汇总



  • WPA 加解密已经完成,支持wpa2 Wi-Fi连接, ssid为ssdt, 密码为zxyssdt112233,加载驱动之后会自动连接上。
  • 目前需要解决网速慢跟固件不工作的问题.


  • 3 系:3160、3165、3168
  • 7 系:7260、7265
  • 8 系:8260、8265
  • 9 系:9260、9560、9462


  • v1.1.0 stable

    Merged itlwmx to itlwm, itlwmx is now deprecated.
    Compressed firmware files, reduced itlwm size to 9.9 MB.
    Resolved an issue that causes the system to become unresponsive when uploading with P2P software.
    A single itlwm.kext supports all the previously supported devices.
    itlwm still needs to be used with Heliport and provides support for 10.12 and above systems.
    AirportItlwm Beta
    Supports all itlwm-supported devices.
    Supports native Wi-Fi selection and switching with WPA/WPA2/Unencrypted Wi-Fi Networks.
    Supports Location Services.
    Handoff and Universal Clipboard perfectly supported. (#292 (comment))
    Known Issues and limitations
    Handoff and Universal Clipboard are the only supported Continuity features.
    Instant HotSpot from iPhone can be recognized but may likely fail to connect. Workaround: use itlwm.kext with HeliPort.
    Apple Bluetooth peripherals may fail to connect. Workaround: use itlwm.kext with HeliPort or disable iCloud.
    Bootloader Compatibility
    OpenCore requires 0.6.1 or higher. Please read OpenCore's Official Document for more details.
    Set SecureBootModel to Default to make sure IO80211Family loads properly.
    Workaround for Users with Prelinked Kernel without ImmutableKernel
    Force IO80211Family to load. 「Supports OpenCore and Clover(not tested)」 (Read the Kernel - Force section in OpenCore's manual for more info)
    Load AirportItlwm from Terminal (Continuity features may not work)
    Extract IO80211Family from the system, insert AirportItlwm as a Plugin, and load the bundle with a bootloader.
    Or disable SIP and install AirportItlwm into /Library/Extensions (Take your own risk)
    The latter two methods are not recommended, hence details are not provided.
  • v1.0.0_stable

    • itlwm is for gen1 device, and itlwmx is for gen2 device. If you want to know how to use and how to know your device, please go to the DOC.





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